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Hamlet's ProblemEdit

“In revenge tragedy, one murder ‘demands’ another, which is retroactively granted a symbolic meaning as justice or revenge, but which in fact operates as blind repetition that responds to, without ever encountering, a traumatic cause. It is as this unleashed repetition-compulsion that Hamlet is, ultimately, a machine” (Richard Halpern, Shakespeare Among the Moderns 250).

Can you draw a connection between Hamlet's very personal, familial problems and the political problems that are circulating around him? Is Hamlet a political play? How so or not? How do its various revenge narratives work with the play's politics?

Ophelia's ProblemEdit

Does the play give enough information about Ophelia to generate sympathy for her? What is the difference between how the play allows her to grieve and how it allows Hamlet to express emotional pain? What would the play look like if it were told from her point of view?

What does she mean  in Act 4.5. 178 that Laertes must "wear his rue with a difference?"